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Astra Schedule FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Astra Schedule. If you have any additional questions, contact OCM Software Help.

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Event Requestors FAQs

Event requestors can use online electronic event request forms for efficient event management.

How do I request an event? Can I request an event with multiple dates?

Use the Astra Schedule Quick Start Guide for instructions on requesting an event

How do I check on the status of my event request or view my requested events?

  1. Log into Astra Schedule
  2. Click on the ‘Events’ tab
  3. On the ‘Filter’ column on the left side of the page, find the ‘My Events’ filter option
  4. Select ‘Yes’ on the drop-down menu
  5. Click the ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the filter window
  6. Your events will appear in the ‘Event List’ window
  7. Find the ‘Status’ column to see your current event status

I created an event request, but I don't see it in Astra.

Astra Schedule will always email you confirmation that the event request was received. If this email does not arrive in your inbox within 15 minutes, the event request was not successfully submitted to Astra. Please resubmit your request.

I started to create an event in Astra, but don't have time to finish it. Can I save an incomplete form?

Astra Schedule

does not store incomplete event forms. The form must be complete before the ‘save’ button can be clicked. Once the ‘save’ button is clicked, your event request is submitted immediately.

How do I cancel or change an event request?

It is not possible for you to cancel or change your event request through the Astra Schedule software once it has been submitted. You must contact the room schedulers directly:

  • For events in General Purpose Classrooms, please submit any event cancelations or changes to:
  • For events in departmental rooms, please contact the department directly

How do I find a Twin Cities General Purpose Classroom (GPC)?

GPC can be found multiple ways depending on what information you are looking for.

  1. To request an event in GPC rooms, log into Astra Schedule and click on the ‘request event’ link located on the home page. The "Event Request Wizard" will load. Select the form "Twin Cities General Purpose Classrooms."
  2. For information on the full Twin Cities GPC inventory, visit the Room Search.
  3. To see a grid calendar for GPC, click the "Calendars" tab and select "Scheduling Calendars." Above the calendar grid, find the drop-down menu entitled "calendar." Select "View-Only Twin Cities General Purpose Classrooms." Once the calendar loads, find the drop menu to the right of the calendar drop-down menu entitled "filter." Select your desired building from the drop-down menu and the calendar view will change to your desired information.

The Scheduling Calendar view options take a long time to load on my computer. What can I do to make the calendars load faster?

Astra Schedule services all five UMN campuses. Due to the large amount of data the calendars display, it will take from 10 - 20 seconds to load a single calendar view on your screen. When you change calendars you will see a spinning circle appear on the browser tab that you have open, designating that the page is loading your selection. Once you are on the correct calendar, select a calendar filter on the drop-down list to the right of the calendar drop-down list in order to see your desired room.

However, if you know the time and date of your event, and are looking at the calendars to find an available room but find the process too slow, there is an alternative route you may wish to explore. Please review our Quick Start Guide for Requestors.

When you click on the 'request an event' link on the Astra home page, the 'Event request Wizard' will launch. There you can select the event request form for the type of room you are interested in reserving - whether a General Purpose Classroom (GPC) or one within a specific department. The event request forms are restricted to a smaller set of rooms and when you click on the 'Request Rooms' button, the software will bring back this smaller list of rooms. Rooms that are unavailable at your desired time are marked in red.

How do I change my default settings so that my desired campus is the only calendar I see?

Requestors are currently unable to designate default filter settings on the scheduling calendars.

Other than the Scheduling Calendar, is there a way for me to find out what rooms are available at specific times and dates for planning purposes before I fill out and event request form?

Yes, the ‘Available Rooms’ tool is a quick and easy way to find this information. To use the ‘Available Rooms’ tool, please do the following:

  1. Go to the ‘Calendars’ tab
  2. Select ‘Available Rooms’
  3. On the tool, you will see three sections: ‘Meetings’, ‘Search Filters’, ‘Search Results’
  4. Within the ‘Meetings’ section, click on ‘Add New’; Create a ‘Single Meeting’ or a ‘Recurring Meeting’. Click ‘OK’
  5. Within the ‘Search Filters’ section, click on any of the pencils and make your preferred selections in order to narrow your search results.
  6. Within the ‘Search Results’ section, click ‘Search’; the site will not give an indication that the action is in progress so please be patient
  7. The search will return either a list of the rooms that are available at your desired time and date or you will receive a pop-up window indicating no rooms were found to be available.

I tried to login to Astra Schedule but my login attempt was not successful. How can I gain access to Astra?

If your Internet ID does not currently exist in Active Directory, you will not be able to login. To add yourself to Active Directory, do the following:

  1. Go to this UMN OIT webpage:
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Account’ link & login
  3. Once you are on the ‘Internet Account Options’ page, go to the ‘Other Accounts’ section
  4. Select ‘Active Directory Account Options’

I added myself to Active Directory and I still cannot log into Astra Schedule. What do I do now?

If you are a student and have data suppression designated for your address, this includes your email address. Astra Schedule uses your email address to provide your unique user login to the software. If that data is suppressed, Astra cannot authenticate your login with Active Directory.

To remove the data suppression on your account, do the following:

  1. Go to the UMN One Stop website:
  2. On the right hand column entitled ‘Quick Links’ find the section for ‘Student record tools’; click on the link for ‘personal information’ & login
  3. On the ‘Personal Information’ menu, select ‘Directory Suppression’
  4. On the ‘Address’ line, select ‘Publish’ and click ‘Submit changes’

How do I turn off the ‘Secure Content’ warning in Internet Explorer?

If you see this screen, follow the instructions below:
secure window

  1. Go to Tools > Internet
  2. Go to Options > Security tab. Make sure the “Internet Zone” is selected.
  3. Click the custom level button. Look for the item “Display mixed content” and change the setting from “Prompt” to “Enable.”

Event Schedulers FAQs

Astra Schedule provides secure and limited access to department space for schedulers to make ad-hoc assignments within their home department. Schedulers can also make event requests for other spaces outside their home department. Scheduling of equipment and event invoicing is also available upon request.

How do I become an event scheduler?

You can find information about becoming an event scheduler on our training page.

Can our group of student workers use a generic login to access Astra Schedule?

No, each user of Astra Schedule is authenticated with Active Directory. Therefore all users of the software are required to log-in using their unique UMN Internet ID.

When emailing from within Astra Schedule, what email address does the system use as the ‘sent from’ address?

Each person in Astra Schedule has a unique email address assigned to their record. This is most often your UMN email account but a generic departmental email account can used on the primary scheduler’s record if that is preferred.

Academic schedulers FAQs

Astra Schedule has an interface with PeopleSoft/ Electronic Course Scheduling (PS/ECS) that synchronizes room assignments between the two systems, ensuring no rooms are double-booked. All meeting pattern and room assignment information is reflected within PS/ECS, on the One Stop Class Schedule, and Astra calendars without the need for double entry. Within Astra Schedule, course meeting pattern, room assignment, and instructor information can be sorted and filtered for quick and easy ‘at a glance’ management for corrections that need to be made in PS/ECS.

How does the Astra Schedule/ PeopleSoft (PS/ECS) interface work?

The Astra Schedule/ PS/ECS interface has several "modes" and will be running three simultaneously:

  1. A batch import is scheduled to run every weekday morning at 5:00am, which will re-import (refresh) all active semesters from PS/ECS. Schedulers will be in working in Astra with the most current PS/ECS data at start of each work day.
  2. A transactional import is scheduled to run every five minutes from 6:30am until 6:30pm to capture changes made in PS/ECS during that timeframe.
  3. A real-time export runs whenever a room assignment has been made or a room is removed and the course event is "saved" in Astra. The information (either the room assigned or to remove the current room) is immediately sent to PS/ECS on "save." This usually takes 15-30 seconds. This happens at the "meeting" level so that individual meeting patterns work too.