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Astra Schedule FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Astra Schedule. If you have any additional questions, contact OCM Software Help.

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Room Requestors FAQs

Anytime you need to use a room that you do not manage, you are considered a room requestor. Log into Astra using your UMN Internet ID to request use of space.

How do I request a room? Can I request rooms for an event with multiple dates?

Use the “Event request video tutorial” (3 min) or the event request printable guide (PDF) for instructions on requesting a room for your event.

Which event request form do I use?

The UMN Twin Cities has a decentralized scheduling structure and many departments manage various collections of rooms. The name of the event request form is reflects the department that manages the room. It is not related to the department that you, the requestor, may be associated with.

The rooms available on the Astra event request forms are grouped as follows:

Twin Cities campus- Central rooms
Twin Cities General Purpose Classrooms: Centrally managed General Purpose Classrooms and computer labs
Twin Cities- AHC Classroom Services: Centrally managed Health Science Classrooms

Twin Cities campus- Departmental rooms
Twin Cities- Carlson School of Management
Twin Cities- Law School Mondale Hall
Twin Cities- Dance: Barker & PC Gym only
Twin Cities- Theatre: Rarig Only
Twin Cities- Other Dept Rooms: All other departmental rooms that accept Astra event requests

System Campuses
Crookston- Campus: All rooms on campus
Crookston- Fleet Vehicles: Vehicle reservations
Duluth- GPC & Computer Labs: Centrally managed General Purpose Classrooms and computer labs
Duluth- Sport Facilities: Athletics facilities
Morris- Campus: All rooms on campus
Morris- Sport Facilities: Athletics facilities
Rochester- Campus: All rooms on campus

How do I know which room is associated with which form?

On the Campus Scheduling Grid calendars, there is an index card to the left of each room listed. When you hover over this icon a pop-up window that contains pictures, room features, and room contact information will appear. The form required to request that room is listed under the ‘Description’ field.

I created an event request, how can I be sure it was received?

Astra Schedule will automatically email you if the event request was successfully submitted. This is not an event reservation confirmation. If this email does not arrive in your inbox within 15 minutes, the event request was not successfully submitted. Please resubmit your request. Once your event request has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the scheduler.

I started to create an event in Astra, but don't have time to finish it. Can I save an incomplete form?

Astra Schedule does not store incomplete event request forms. The form must be complete before the ‘submit’ button can be clicked.

How do I check on the status of my event request or view my requested events?

Use the “Event status video tutorial” (4 min) for instructions on how to check on the status of your requested events.

How do I cancel or change an event request?

It is not possible for you to cancel or change your event request through Astra Schedule once it has been submitted. You must contact the room schedulers directly:

  • For events in General Purpose Classrooms, please submit any event cancelations or changes to:
  • For events in departmental rooms, please contact the department directly

How do I find a Twin Cities General Purpose Classroom (GPC)?

GPC can be found multiple ways depending on what information you are looking for.

To see a list of the full GPC Inventory: Visit the Room Search.

To view grid calenders of scheduled activity in GPCs:

  1. Go to the Astra Schedule Home Page
  2. Navigate to 'Campus Calendar' on the left column
  3. Click 'Twin Cities GPC'
  4. On the calendar, find the "Filter" menu in the upper right corner
  5. Select desired building from the drop-down menu
  6. Click on the date to choose a different date

To request a GPC:

  1. Log into Astra Schedule
  2. Click on the 'Request an Event' link
  3. Select the "Twin Cities General Purpose Classrooms" event request form

Is there an easy way to find information on the calendars?

Please watch our video tutorial on how to navigate and set-up the Scheduling Grid calendars: Calendars video tutorial (3 min).

I tried to log in to Astra Schedule but my login attempt was not successful. How can I gain access to Astra?

One of the following three issues is the likely reason that you cannot log into Astra:

  1. You have certain special characters in your password.
    1. LDAP authentication cannot process certain special characters in passwords like #$%^&*().
    2. If you have an uncommon special character in your password for your UMN Internet ID, please change it to regain your Astra access.
  2. If you have data suppression designated for your UMN Internet account, it may include your email address.
    1. Astra Schedule uses your email address to provide your unique user login to the software. If that data is suppressed, Astra cannot authenticate your login with Active Directory.
    2. To remove the data suppression on your account, do the following:
      1. Go to the ‘MyU Portal’:
      2. Click on the ‘My Info’ section
      3. Click on the pencil icon for ‘Directory Supression’
      4. Choose an option that does not suppress your email.
  3. If your UMN Internet ID does not currently exist in Active Directory, you will not be able to login. To add yourself to Active Directory, do the following:
    1. Go to this UMN OIT webpage:
    2. Under ‘Quick Links’, click on ‘Manage your Internet Account Options’
    3. Once you are on the ‘Internet Account Options’ page, go to the ‘Other Accounts’ section
    4. Select ‘Active Directory Account Options’