University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management
Office of Undergraduate Education

Dynamic Digital Signage

Classroom Technical Services (CTS) is your on-campus source for presentation and dynamic digital signage needs. We work with each of our clients to ensure that the right equipment is selected, installed, and functioning properly for their project to reach maximum exposure for each of their display locations. The equipment used to make dynamic digital signage functional includes a server, the inter/intranet, a player, and a monitor. The user picks a layout template and chooses the text, making dynamic digital signage as customizable as the user’s creativity. Custom graphics and templates can also be created.

Digital signage uses

  • Departmental branding
  • Room scheduling
  • Advertising
  • Cross-selling
  • Improve overall University appearance
  • Post directions to rooms or buildings
  • Conserve University resources
  • Provide emergency messages

Digital signage features

  • Internet/network based
  • Pre-made zones
  • Updateable software
  • Localized content control
  • RSS feeds
  • Resource 25 interactive
  • Any display device type
  • Emergency messaging

Digital signage displays

  • Number of displays on campuses
    • Twin Cities - 120
    • Duluth - 5
    • Crookston - 4
    • Morris - 3
  • 305 users across all campuses




Dynamic Digital Signage Contact:
Eric Topping