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Presentation System Maintenance

Classroom Technical Services (CTS) has the engineering horsepower to find a solution to your problems. Our technical staff remains up to date with the state of Minnesota Power Limited Technician Licensed training courses and seminars, and they are experienced with working with this technology on a daily basis.

Despite all precautions, the time will come when a piece of electronic presentation equipment will fail during class time. This is when you want assistance immediately available to rescue a presentation with repair or a system backup. We offer a Presentation System Maintenance Agreement that specifies varying levels of support at reduced rates, and we can provide on-campus response at varying levels.

Training: CTS can provide technicians for scheduled training of faculty and TAs and for assistance with presentation equipment operation.

Repairs: CTS staff can handle the maintenance and repair of all your presentation technology system components.

Preventive Maintenance: A proactive preventive maintenance (PM) service program can reduce equipment downtime, which may otherwise cause classes, presentations, or meetings to be cancelled.

Monitoring: Our premium service is an all-inclusive classroom remote management program that is part of the Projection Capable Classroom Standard. This incorporates control and reporting over the network, and provides equipment usage information and reports as well as system errors, lamp hours, and real-time theft reporting. The cost savings involved in day-to-day control from a central remote monitoring system and the value-added information available through the network represent the cutting edge of presentation technology.

The impact of failed electronic presentation systems may be significant in terms of dollars and teaching programs, to say nothing of faculty frustration. Our preventive maintenance (PM) service contracts can afford you that peace of mind. A well-planned PM program can provide scheduled maintenance to avoid class interruptions, fix problems before they begin, and extend equipment life.

Maintenance Contact:
Larry Gilbertson