University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management
Office of Undergraduate Education

Projection Capable Classroom Standard

Classroom Technical Services developed the University Projection Capable Classroom (PCC) Standard. This standard is a set of six creteria that the Office of Classroom Management uses as a model system for the design and installation of technology in classrooms and conference rooms.

The six criteria help give faculty and staff the ease-of-use and reliability needed for presentation technology provided by CTS.

The overall goal of the PCC technology criteria is to provide:

  • A common, consistent and pedagogically-sound learning environment across all learning spaces on the University of Minnesota Twins Cities campus
  • Consistent functionality and interfaces with standard operating protocols
  • Adaptability of design to address specific instructional needs
  • Reliable, well maintained systems that enhance performance and minimize downtime
  • Easy management and support of systems and equipment
  • Remote system monitoring capabilities

PCC technology standard

The standard includes basic technology to enhance teaching and learning. The following equipment/feature are standard in a PCC standard classroom:

  • Fixed hi-resolution data projector and/or flat panel display(s)
  • Wired internet connection at instructor station
  • University wireless networking coverage
  • Smart control system (with networking option)
  • User friendly laptop interface
  • Document camera
  • Accessibility features, including microphone system
  • Digital audio/video output via USB connection
  • Hotline phone

Some rooms may have other capabilities, including:

  • Special input/output connectors for user-provided equipment
  • VHS or DVD player
  • Installed computers

The PCC standard is the baseline for general purpose classroom technology, and is included in the Classroom Appendix to the U of M Standards and Procedures for Construction (Appendix DD).

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