University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management
Office of Undergraduate Education

Requesting Additional Furniture in General Purpose Classrooms

The Operations unit provides and supports the furniture in general purpose classrooms. The classroom setup is based on several factors including capacity requirements and/or limitations, building and fire codes, etc. While we may not able to alter the furniture configuration of our classrooms, we monitor and maintain the condition of it.

Our furniture inventory is limited to the items permanently placed in the classrooms with the exception of being able to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. The availability of extra furniture includes only enough for repairing damaged items and are unable to stock or supply extra tables and chairs to support events in classrooms.

If you find the classroom furniture inadequate or have specific needs, please contact the OCM at 612-625-1086 or e-mail to arrange for a different room.

Temporary tables or other furniture requested in addition to our established room setup can be arranged through your department or by contacting off-campus vendors. Please note that any additional or temporary items brought into the classroom must be promptly removed. OCM is not responsible and cannot guarantee the safety of property left in general purpose classrooms.