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How do I connect to the Internet from a general purpose classroom?

To connect to the Internet from a general purpose classroom, you have two options:

1. Wired Network (Ethernet connection): To use the University's wired network simply connect the Ethernet cord (located in the pocket of the instructor station) to the Ethernet jack on your laptop. The wired network connection provides the highest level of performance and reliability and is recommended for presenters.

  • You will need to register and adjust your computer for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) prior to using the network. DHCP registration should be done in advance of when you need to use the network. The registration confirmation can take 5 to 15 minutes to process.
  • If you have problems setting up DHCP, please contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at (612) 301-4357 (on campus, dial 1-HELP).

Once it is set up and registered, DHCP allows you to automatically connect to the wired network without having to enter a different network for each location.

2. Wireless Network: All projection capable classrooms offer access to the campus wireless network. There are currently two levels of wireless coverage.

  • U of M Wireless: provides at least one wireless network connection for each student based on the room capacity
  • WiFi Coverage: offers a limited number of wireless network connections

If all of the students in your class need a wireless network connection, you may wish to make sure your classroom has U of M Wireless capability. To see which general purpose classrooms have wireless network capability, select the "Wifi Coverage" or "U of M Wireless" box on the Room Inventory page.

For more information about the campus wireless network, or to find setup guides, and troubleshooting tips, click here.

I would like to set up a teleconference in a classroom. Is this possible?

The classroom telephones are provided to reach the Classroom Support Hotline staff or to dial 911 in case of an emergency. The phones are not capable of speakerphone or direct teleconferencing features. Teleconferencing from a central classroom requires additional equipment, such as a Polycom conference phone.

Conference calls, including a multi-number bridge, can be set up with University operators. Advanced conference call features such as toll-free numbers and PowerPoint slide sharing are available. Please visit the University of Minnesota InterCall website for more information:

Video conferencing in general purpose classrooms is possible via a laptop with a webcam and conferencing software products, such as Google Hangouts or WebEx. The conference participant can be displayed to the class by connecting your laptop to the classroom projection system. More information on video or web conferencing can be found on this IT Web Conferencing page:

Why is there a telephone in my classroom?

Telephones are permanently installed in all Projection Capable Classrooms. They provide easy access to our Classroom Support Hotline staff and allow classroom users to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

The Classroom Support Hotline phone number is 612-625-1086. When dialing from the in-room telephone, simply dial the last five digits (5-1086).

If calling the Classroom Support Hotline after hours, please leave a detailed voicemail with a description of your issue so the appropriate corrective action can be expedited.