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Class Capture and Video Conferencing

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How do I connect my laptop computer to a classroom sound system to record audio on class capture software?

Read the instructions for more information on using audio in class capture software.

I would like to set up a video conference in a classroom. Is this possible?

Web conferencing is possible in any general purpose classroom with your laptop, webcam, and conferencing software such as Skype, WebEx, or Google Hangouts. You may share your screen and/or video of yourself, as well as allow conference participants to be displayed (if they have access to a webcam) to your class using the laptop connection to the classroom projection system.

In-room video conferencing is also available in specialized classrooms via a dedicated conferencing system that brings all technology components together in an integrated and controlled package. The system features high-definition cameras and monitors for remote site display, as well as installed conferencing microphones for full coverage of both instructors and students. In-room video conferencing is available in the following classrooms:

The process for scheduling video conferencing connections is separate from the process for reserving classrooms. For more information, see Web and video conferencing in OCM classrooms.

For assistance or training with video conferencing, contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or