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Do I need a key to access the AV equipment in a classroom?

In all general purpose classrooms, the standard projection capable classroom equipment is located at the instructor’s station. The instructor side of this station is not locked and no key is required.

*Please note: The magnet on the door of the equipment rack is quite strong, so you may need to pull hard in order to open the door.

Some classrooms are equipped with add-on technology components that are usually located at the instructor’s station. If you need to access equipment in a locked area, you may check out a keyor request Ucard access by contacting our Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or

I would like training on how to use the equipment in a Projection Capable Classroom. Who do I contact?

The Office of Classroom Management offers equipment orientation sessions to any classroom users who are interested in learning more about the equipment and its capabilities.

To set up a meeting, please contact the OCM Support Line, at 612-625-1086 or

We also offer a set of step-by-step instructions for the equipment in each classroom. You can see a video tutorial on connecting a laptop to our classroom projection system here.

How do I get technology supplies such as microphone batteries, slide projector lamps, or overhead (transparency) projector lamps?

If your classroom is low on batteries or lamps, please contact our Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or We will replenish the supply within the next two days.

If your classroom is completely out of batteries or lamps and you need one or more of these items to continue with instruction, please call the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 and we will send additional supplies to your classroom as soon as possible.


I would like to show a PowerPoint presentation in my class, but I do not have a laptop. What options do I have?

The projection capable classroom standard is laptop based. This standard allows instructors to maintain control over their own laptops (which they already know how to operate). This also allows for instructors to operate in a Mac or PC environment.

However, a few classrooms have installed computers. These computers are owned and maintained by specific departments (not by the Office of Classroom Management). To view a list of classrooms with an installed departmental computer, please use the Room Inventory.

If you need to show a computer presentation in a classroom that does not have a departmentally-installed computer, we encourage you to talk with your department to see if they have a laptop available for your use. Short term rentals are also available through Office Equipment Services.

For information on how to connect a laptop to the projection system in a Projection Capable Classroom review the PC Laptop Projection instructions and the Apple Device Projection instructions.

The data/video projector shut itself off during my class.

On rare occasions, the data/video projector may shut down during use. The most likely cause is that the system is designed and programmed to automatically shut itself off after four hours of inactivity. Auto shutdown typically occurs when a user arrives at a classroom in which the system is already powered up and the projector is on. If a user does not touch any of the source buttons on the control panel (at the instructor station), the system will register this as inactivity.

If the system automatically shuts down during your class, it will take approximately 3 minutes for the lamp cool-down cycle to complete. It is not possible to restart the system until this cycle is complete. Once the cycle completes, you can restart the system, which will take an additional 3 minutes to warm up.

To prevent an automatic shut down during your class, please be sure to press any source button on the control panel when you arrive to the classroom and begin using the system (even if the system is already powered on).

What should I do if the bulb in the overhead (transparency) projector burns out?

The overhead (transparency) projectors in our Projection Capable Classrooms contain two lamps. If the primary lamp burns out, you can switch to the alternate lamp by following these instructions:

  1. Turn off the power to the projector.
  2. Locate the flip-up door on the front of the projector.
  3. Lift up on the flip-up door and turn the left knob to the other lamp indicated (either "1" or "2").
  4. Close the flip-up door tightly and turn the power back on. The alternate lamp should now function properly.

If this still does not resolve the issue, please call our Classroom Support Hotline right away at 612-625-1086.

How do I switch between using the dual projection mode and the cinema/center projector in Nicholson Hall classrooms?

Nicholson Hall rooms 35, 155, and 275 offers a dual projection feature that allows use of the two side-mounted video projectors and is capable of displaying from up to two different sources.

In addition, rooms 155 and 275 can operate in one of two projection modes: "Classroom (Left & Right)" and "Cinema (Center)". The "Cinema" mode uses the video projector on the middle screen and allows for single projection from one source only.

*Please note: The two modes, “Classroom (Left & Right) and Cinema (Center) cannot be used at the same time.

Users select the projection mode they want by pressing the “Room Mode” button on the control panel main screen.

*Please note: The room mode can only be changed when the entire system is powered off. Making a selection on the "Room Mode" screen will cause the projection system to power down to make the mode change.