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Humphrey School 50

Humphrey School 50 OCM is partnering with OIT to renovate Humphrey School 50 over summer 2014. All existing elements--including ceiling, partitions, HVAC, lighting, finishes, furniture, and technology--will be updated to improve both the form and the function of the space. Small-group work areas will be created, as well as areas for individual study and for computer work.

Blegen Hall 4th floor

Blegen Hall 4th floor Over summer 2014, three rooms in Blegen Hall will get renovations. 415, 425, and 435 will get new carpet, furniture, white boards, acoustical treatment, and lighting. The doorways will be widened and furniture layout modified to improve accessibility.

Fraser Hall 101 and 102

Fraser Hall 101 and 102 Fraser Hall 101 and 102 got some renovation over winter break 2013/14, with more to follow over summer 2014. Changes completed include new ceilings and lighting, new paint and white boards, and removal of extraneous equipment. Additional changes planned for summer include updated technology systems, carpet, chairs, and acoustical treatments.

Keller Hall Atrium

Keller Hall Atrium Keller Hall's atrium will get a renovation over summer 2014. Improvements will include new finishes and furniture, as well as additional technology to enable student collaboration. New lighting, additional power locations, and additional seating capacity will also enhance the area.

Magrath Library 4

Magrath Library 4 Magrath Library 4 will receive a renovation over summer 2014. Improvements will include new carpet, furniture, and lighting. The technology system will be updated and enhanced.

Smith Hall 231 and 331

Smith Hall 231 and 331 Smith Hall auditoriums 231 and 331 will be renovated over summer 2014. Improvements will include new seating, flooring, ceiling tile, and lighting.

West Bank Auditorium

West Bank Auditorium The West Bank Auditorium will get a refresh in summer 2014, including new acoustical treatment, carpet, whiteboard, and projection system.

2014 Classroom Technology Renewal

2014 Classroom Technology Renewal As part of OCM's commitment to providing instructional technology in general purpose classrooms, OCM will be updating classroom equipment in more than 50 rooms. The project is expected to minimize breakdowns and maintain the functionality of the classroom's technology system.

Amundson B75

Amundson B75 In conjunction with the Gore Annex addition to Amundson Hall, a facelift is planned for classroom B75. Renovations will include new student seating and tables, carpet, paint, lighting, and ceiling tile. Work is scheduled for summer 2014.

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