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Auxiliary video (for external devices)

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The data/video projector is capable of displaying audio and video from a variety of user-provided external devices (including portable DVD players, iPods, and more) using user-provided cables and either the VHS player or jacks on the equipment rack. All general purpose classrooms (except those with installed laptop projection carts) have this capability.

To connect an external video playback device, you will need to provide the appropriate AV cable (with yellow, white, and red connectors) or any adapters.

1. Connect the AV cable to the external device (e.g., DVD player, iPod).

AV cable connectors

2. Connect the other end of the AV cable to the front of the VCR or to input jacks on the front of the equipment rack as follows:

  • Yellow: connect to the IN jack.
  • White: connect to the left audio IN jack.
  • Red: connect to the right audio IN jack.

VCR AV in jacksrack

3. Turn on the projection system by pressing the VCR or DVD/VCR source button, or use the "Auxiliary Video" source button if connected through the equipment rack jacks.

VHS button Control panel auxiliary video button Touch panel auxiliary video button

4. Using channel up/down buttons on the front of the VCR, set the VCR to “Line Input.” The VCR display should read “F-1” or “L-1.”

The image should appear on the projector screen.

VCR inputs

If you have questions about auxiliary video, please contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or