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ALC Student Table Controls

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University of Minnesota Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) use central teaching stations and student-provided laptops. These instructions will assist users in operating the technology at the student tables, or the instructor station controls that interact with the student tables in an ALC. Full feature instructions are located online. ALCs can be located online.

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Connecting a Laptop at a Student Table Monitor

  • The standard cables are located in the center console or pocket at each student table. A cover may need to be lifted to access the cables.
  • Connect the VGA cable to the laptop before you turn on the laptop. Be sure to align the cable with the port and push it in straight, taking care not to bend the pins. Please note: Apple laptops do not have the standard VGA port. To use the projection system, you will need to use an adapter. If you do not have an adapter, you can purchase one at the U of M Bookstore. OCM does not supply adapters at the student tables.
  • Use the student table controls to turn the monitor on or off. Press the Student #1, 2, or 3 source button on the control panel to display the corresponding laptop connection. 
  • If the image does not appear on the monitor, activate the laptop external display: For PC (Windows-based) Laptops: To activate the external display, you must press and hold the Function key (labeled “Fn”) while pressing the appropriate secondary key (as noted in the chart). The image should appear on the screen. For Mac (Apple) Laptops: To activate the external display, open “System Preferences” on your laptop. Click on “Displays,” then “Detect Displays.” The image should appear on the projection screen.

Projecting a Student Laptop (on the main screen)

  • table selectUsing the instructor station control panel main menu, press the “Student Table” source button.
  • Select a table number to send the student display from that table to the projector.
  • To return to the main menu, press “Escape.”

Room-Wide Table Sharing (on the Student Monitors)

  • Using the instructor station control panel main menu, student monitor selectselect the
    “Student Table Monitor Controls” button.
  • Select a table number to send the student display from that table to all monitors.
  • Press “Instructor Projection Sources” button to send the instructor’s display to all monitors.
  • To return to the original setting (where each student table displays the image from that student table), press the “Individual Student Table Presentation” button.
  • Press “Escape” to return to the main menu.

Using Student Table Features (available in select rooms only)

  • Select “Monitor Setup” to use the aspect ratio controls to display widescreen content.
  • Select “Request” to activate a monitor light to alert the instructor for assistance. Select the button again to turn request off. (The main touch screen on the instructor station can also turn off requests.)
  • To project laptop audio through the table speakers, connect the thin audio cord into the headphone jack of your laptop (not the microphone jack).



monitor set up




Using Microphones at the Student Tables

To use a microphone at the student table: Press and hold the button at the base and speak into the top or the flat panel (release button when finished speaking). You do not need to move or pick up the microphone to use it. See the microphone guide for help.

If you have additional questions about these features or any general purpose classroom, please contact the Classroom Support Hotline at or call 612-625-1086.