University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management
Office of Undergraduate Education

Instructional Technology Support

Hands-on Equipment Orientation and Demonstration

We provide classroom orientation sessions to help familiarize classroom users with instructional technology. These sessions include:

  • An overview of the installed audiovisual/presentation technology.
  • Personalized coaching on the effective use of audiovisual, computer, and video/data projection systems.

If you would like to schedule a classroom orientation session, please e-mail the OCM Support Line:

Instructional Technology Support and Troubleshooting

We will meet you in your classroom to troubleshoot any issues or questions related to the installed audiovisual/presentation technology. We:

  • Provide individual attention to diagnose specific technology issues.
  • Coordinate action to resolve any identified technology issues.
  • Offer extensive in-person contact with faculty as needed.
  • Write instructional materials for using classroom technology.
  • Manage network performance in general purpose classrooms.


Our technology consultation services include:

  • Meeting with faculty and staff concerning instructional technology needs and issues.
  • Reviewing pilot programs and assessing instructional tools.
  • Investigating trends in instructional technology.
  • Exploring future characteristics of instructional support equipment.
  • Presenting instructional technology information via seminars and/or individual sessions.


OCM Support Line

OCM’s Support Line provides wide ranging support to faculty and staff using technology to enhance the classroom teaching environment.

Contact OCM Support via E-mail:
Phone: 612-625-1086

Demonstration Room: 160 Williamson (available by appointment)