University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management
Office of Undergraduate Education

Instructional Technology Support

Hands-on Equipment Orientation and Demonstration

We provide classroom orientation sessions to help familiarize classroom users with instructional technology. These sessions include:

  • An overview of the installed audiovisual/presentation technology.
  • Personalized coaching on the effective use of audiovisual, computer, and video/data projection systems.

If you would like to schedule a classroom orientation session, please e-mail John Knowles at

Instructional Technology Support and Troubleshooting

We will meet you in your classroom to troubleshoot any issues or questions related to the installed audiovisual/presentation technology. We:

  • Provide individual attention to diagnose specific technology issues.
  • Coordinate action to resolve any identified technology issues.
  • Offer extensive in-person contact with faculty as needed.
  • Write instructional materials for using classroom technology.
  • Manage network performance in general purpose classrooms.


Our technology consultation services include:

  • Meeting with faculty and staff concerning instructional technology needs and issues.
  • Reviewing pilot programs and assessing instructional tools.
  • Investigating trends in instructional technology.
  • Exploring future characteristics of instructional support equipment.
  • Presenting instructional technology information via seminars and/or individual sessions.


Meet our Instructional Technology Coordinator

OCM’s Instructional Technology Coordinator, John Knowles, provides wide ranging support to faculty and staff using technology to enhance the classroom teaching environment.

Contact John via E-mail:
Phone: 612-626-8650

Demonstration Room: 160 Williamson (available by appointment)