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Laptop projection carts

(For printable instructions, click here.)

Because of limitations in classroom infrastructure, it is sometimes difficult to install classroom technology that meets the projection-capable classroom standard. To bring these rooms as close to the standard as possible, a laptop projection cart has been installed. These classrooms are:

  • Peik Gym G55
  • Peik Gym G65

laptop carts

Using system controls

1. Turning on the system

  • Press the "laptop" button to turn on the system.
  • A button will blink while the system warms up. Warm up will last up to three minutes.


A laptop cart control panel

2. Audio controls

  • Audio controls correspond to any device that uses the audio cord from the instructor's panel.

3. Mute

  • To mute audio, press the "audio mute" button.
  • To mute audio and video, press the "video mute" button.
  • To unmute, press the button again.

4. Auto shutdown

  • The system will automatically shut down after four hours without a system selection.
  • To ensure the automatic shutdown feature does not interrupt your class, press the "laptop" button at the start of class.

5. Turning off the system

  • To turn off the system, press the system off button. The system will require up to three minutes to turn off.
  • If you plan to use the system again during class, use "video mute" instead of turning off the system.

Connecting a laptop

  1. Cables are kept in the drawer of the instructor station. Connect the VGA cable to the laptop. Use the adapter to connect to a Mini DisplayPort. If your device does not have a VGA port or a Mini DisplayPort, you will need to provide an adapter to project material.
  2. To project audio through system speakers, connect the audio cord into the headphone jack of your laptop.
  3. Press the "Laptop" button on the control panel. When the button stops blinking, start the laptop.


If the laptop image does not appear, activate the computer's external display.

  • To activate external display on an Apple computer, open "System Preferences," click "Displays," then click "Detect Displays."
  • To activate external display on a Windows computer, press and hold the Function (Fn) key while pressing the secondary key appropriate to your computer:
    • Acer or Aspire: Fn+F5
    • Asus eee mini: Fn+F8
    • Dell: Fn+F8
    • Gateway: Fn+F3
    • HP or Compaq: Fn+F4
    • HP Mini: Fn+F2
    • Lenovo (IBM): Fn+F7
    • Sony Vaio: Fn+F7
    • Toshiba: Fn+F5

If you experience problems using the laptop projection cart, call the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or email