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Humphrey 20 & 25 Video Conferencing Instructions

(For printable instructions, click here.)

The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) support dedicated video conferencing capability via the classroom technology system in Humphrey Center rooms 20 and 25. The video conferencing functionality is integrated with the standard classroom projection system. Courses and events scheduled in Humphrey 20 and 25 have access to the video conferencing equipment.  More information about video conferencing in OCM classrooms, including how to schedule a video conference, is available here.

humphrey 25 contorls
Presentation Mode Touch Screen—see below for details.

This system can operate in two different projection modes:

1. Classroom Presentation:

  • Using the Classroom Presentation mode allows dual projection from up to two different sources. This is the default setting of the room.

2. Video Conference:

  • Allows pre-arranged video conference functionality by pressing Video Conferencing mode.
document camera and laptop connection











Using the System (Classroom Presentation mode)

Classroom Presentation on Left & Right Projection Screens

  1. Press any source button on the touch screen for both left and right projectors.
  2. When a button is blinking, the system is warming up. Please be patient. From within any control menu, pressing the Escape button will return you to the main projection system menu.

To Switch between Sources:

  • Press the source button of the item you wish to display (VGA Laptop, HDMI Laptop, Document Camera, DVD/VHS Combo).
    • The source button will blink while that source warms up. When it stops blinking, the source is ready to use.

Please remember to turn off the system when you are done using it.

  • Once the system is turned off, it will take approximately three minutes for the cool-down cycle to complete.
  • Since it is not possible to restart the system until this cycle is complete, use IMAGE MUTE if you plan to use the system again during your class period.
  • To ensure that the auto-shutdown feature does not interrupt your class, press any source button at the start of your class. The auto-shutdown feature shuts the system off after four hours without a system selection.

Understanding the Controls:


Document Camera Controls:

Displays controls for the Document Camera.

Program Volume:

Use the up/down buttons to adjust the volume.

Room Mode:

Displays controls for Changing the room projection mode and using Video Conferencing Mode.

Screen Controls:

Displays controls from the electric screens.

Audio Mute:

Press AUDIO MUTE to mute only the sound. To un-mute, press the button again.

DVD/VHS Controls:

Displays controls from the DVD
and VHS players.

Image Mute:

Press IMAGE MUTE to black-out the images. To un-mute the image, press the button again.

humphrey 25 contorls

Using the System (Video Conference Mode)

  1. Press the “Room Mode” button.
  2. Press “Video Conference Mode.” There may be a short delay for the system to switch modes.
  3. Remove microphone from charger in drawer and unmute it by pressing side button. See additional microphone instructions.
  4. Select a camera preset (Audience Left, Audience Rear, Audience Right, Wide, or Podium). See below for examples.
  5. Confirm with distant participants that video and audio are working properly.
  6. Select “Presentation On” to share a presentation source with distant participants. Choose the Local Presentation Source to share (VGA Laptop, HDMI Laptop, or Document Camera).
  7. When finished sharing a presentation source, select “Presentation Off.” Only camera images will be shared when the presentation source is off.
  8. When finished with the videoconference, return microphones to charging base in drawer. Select “Room Mode” then “System Power Off” to disconnect the videoconference and turn off the system.

Understanding the Controls:

humphrey center

Layout & Selfview:

Arranges content on the projection screen and toggles instructor self-image(picture-in-picture or full screen).

Audience left, Audience Rear, Audience Right,
Wide, Podium:

Selects a pre-set camera view to
display (see below for examples).

Room Mode:

Displays controls for changing the room projection mode.

Presentation on/off:

Switches between presentation
sources or camera image.

Volume Up/Down:

Use the up/down buttons to adjust the volume of the room microphones and presentation source.

Mute Buttons:

Select to toggle microphone mute on/off.

Local Presentation Sources:

Video sources that can be shared with distant participants and displays to local screen.

Camera Preset Views—Humphrey 25

audience left audience right
Audience left
Audience right
audience rear wide
Audience rear

Camera Preset Views—Humphrey 20

left right
Audience left
Audience right
rear wide
Audience rear


For additional assistance or to set up an equipment training session, please contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or